Building Blocks of the Program

Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/13/2017 - 10:52

In order to gain your goal, you need to set up some steps that you can achieve slowly in order for you to reach your goal without being hesitant that you might have missed something. Of course, claude davis scam also provided three basic ideas that would serve as your building blocks in order for you to achieve that ultimate survival guide.

  • Prepare – We all know that disasters come and go without any warnings. Some are just really inevitable due to global warming or natural occurrences. The program foresees that in the long run, there will be series of catastrophes leading to one another that can’t be controlled by the humans anymore. In this case, we should always be prepared for the worst to come. As they say, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry later on.
  • Self Preservation – When disasters strike, it will always be a man for himself, especially if you are trapped alone. It is very vital that you survive yourself because you won’t be able to see others if you are dead yourself. In this line of thought, it is significant for everyone to learn a thing or two about self preservation that will increase your chances of survival in the worst case scenario.
  • Architects of life – Davis believe that we are designers of our own lives. Because of that, the book emphasized the importance of taking safety measures to ensure survival during disasters. Because you may never know, the preparations you’ve done may result to you being the last man standing. There should be at least one person that should live and tell the tale in order to alert the future generations what might happen again and let them prepare. He emphasized that we need to take lead on our lives, in order not to be too much reliant on others.