What are the types of pressure cookers?

Submitted by admin on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 10:05

Cooking in a pressure cooker involves water or any kind of cooking fluid that is sealed to increase pressure inside. It reduces time required for cooking. Pressure cookers can be classified according to its generation of origin or based from the features they have.

There are three types of pressure cookers according to generation.

  • First Generation. These are the old type pressure cookers. It operates using a weight-modified valve for releasing pressure. They sound a whistle when releasing pressure and they offer a single pressure level. There are a few models with designs that can change the weight of the valve and change pressures.
  • Second Generation. These are also called latest gen pressure cookers and use spring loaded valves. They use proprietary mechanism that has multiple pressure options. They don’t release steam but they show indicators on how far the pressure level has reached. There is another design that has a dial that can be adjusted by moving around which vents the pressure the moment it is moved.
  • Third Generation. These are also called as the electric pressurecookers. They come with an electric source that regulates pressure and temperature feeding off a power line. The best electric pressure cooker relies on the spring loaded valve and provides dual pressure settings with timer option and keeps food warm.


There are two types of pressure cookers according to the features they have.

  • Single Purpose. These pressure cookers have a single pressure setting and can do any kind of dish without knowing the outcome of it. They can be electric by design or valve based. Some pressure cookers nowadays have pressure indicators to let you know when things are not going according to plan.
  • Multi-Purpose. These are pressure cookers with multitasking capabilities. They can cook, steam and sear. They come with multiple inserts, options, different pressure and temperature settings. they can have an option to be converted into rice cookers.