Machines that are perfect fit for fat elimination without surgery

Submitted by admin on Fri, 01/27/2017 - 10:40

Fat elimination without surgery is becoming more and more popular to date. They are effective and at the same time will not let you require going under the knife to feel pain.

Lipo Melt: A machine that could get rid of fat without surgery

Lipo Melt is among the up to date brands that are sold in the market these days. Since this product is a relatively new in the lipo laser segment, they are one of the most advanced brands. This machine is less expensive than the ones that are being offered by other companies. It is also efficient and it is cinched to be one of well-liked machines when you purchase it.

The Lipo Melt is actually a Light Emitting Diode machine that belong s to the third-gen. This potent machine operates at wavelength of 635 nanometers (nm) and it is capable of providing added wavelength of 880-nm that lets the body feel warm prior to undergoing full steam session.


When you use Lipo Melt, on the average, you can expect about 8 up to 12 sessions per patient, with each session lasting up to 24 minutes. The accurate number of sessions, however, will rely on the patient’s health condition. Sessions can be conducted back-to-back since the machine comes with a safe and effective heat regulation mechanism.

Lipo Melt provides state of the art flexibility along with paddles. It is armed with 6 pads for hip, abdomen, thighs and arms.

Keep in mind that the Lipo Melt machine yields LED. Even though the LEDs are less potent as oppose to customary laser, the Lipo Melt is a powerful and very useful machine. The LED increases the energy and heat levels of Lipo Melt and is capable of releasing 99 % of the adipose tissue fat which is indeed very impressive.