Mineral water

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Argument has risen about mineral water on how real or true they are.  Mineral water actually contains good minerals good for the human body.  Original mineral water come from clean sources like natural springs that are unaffected by human progress and can be stored in custom water bottles.  In short, they spring from inside the earth where the water goes through natural filtering process.  Tests have been made on bottled mineral water but many did not have minerals to make them like natural spring mineral water. Learn more about custom water bottles on this website.


Purified and distilled water do not contain minerals.  They are just plain and safe drinking water but do mistake distilled water for car batteries to be the same as the potable water.  Containers of water for batteries are sterile enough to make them drinkable.

Boiling tap water

Observant people who are boiling tap water for drinking purposes will notice that after some time boiling water in their kettles, hardened sediment will be seen at the bottom.  The sediment is actually minerals that have coagulated and hardened after numerous times of boiling water.  Letting boiled water cool down in kettle also makes the minerals settle at the bottom to harden.  It also happens when newly boiled water is stored immediately stored in thermos bottles.

The same thing happens in electric water kettles when tap water is boiled in them.  It is hard to remove the sediment.  Sometimes though, the sediment break on their own when there is too much of them near the bottom.

Bottled mineral water

There might still be a few companies producing bottled mineral water that is sourced from natural springs.  Only a few locations around the world would have those sources.  But once their immediate surroundings have been touched by industrialization, the source might already be contaminated.  Companies should test the water frequently in that case.