What Not to Do in Social Media

Submitted by admin on Thu, 11/03/2016 - 07:00

Social media is a powerful tool to use in today’s world. What the news on TV refuses to say, people in social media will always get the word out or have the truth out there. When you do register to a social media site you are given terms and agreements to know what you are getting into. Using social media comes with responsibility. You can’t just register to it and use it recklessly. Then again doing something like to buy linkedin endorsements isn’t entirely a bad thing but there are others that you shouldn’t do.

What you shouldn’t do in social media

  • One thing of course is to not fake your profile unless that was the intent to begin with by creating accounts that you’re not going to be using seriously.
  • One other thing is that you shouldn’t be posting some unwanted pictures or pictures that you aren’t comfortable putting up online.
  • You shouldn’t be posting things that land on the categories of being offensive, racist, sexist or anything on those lines. Keep in mind that people can look at your posts unless you put them on private but your friends could also see it.

Why you shouldn’t do these things

  • People can see your profile and posts as well as those photos. That means people can possibly take some of your unwanted pictures and use them for their own means. There are also those that can share your posts giving you some kind of flack because of how offensive they are.
  • The other thing is that you could get your account banned and removed depending on what you did as well.

When you are using social media, make sure that you should not do everything that you would want.