How to lose fat

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Very few people who have excess fat or obese would know how they got in that condition.  Most of them who grew big and heavy will just say they do not know how it happened to them.  It can only be true for some of them especially for those who eat regular meals and not having more than what they need.  In all likelihood, these people will not know how to lose the fat they gained.  Some might just go for medications that are said to convert fat to lean muscle.

Some Anavar reviews mention about the use of anabolic steroids to lose fat.  It seems to be a good way to lose fat but there are things to be considered.  Those preparations pose a risk to liver damage, higher blood pressure and unwanted hair growth for women.


Physical activity

Increase in physical activity is a good alternative to medications when it comes to losing fat.  Engaging in sports is a good way for increased physical activity.  Swimming, biking, jogging and hiking may not be a competitive sport but would be good to indulge in.  Sweating is the result of good physical activity and is how fat is burned.  Of course, it will also have to involve the proper diet for such activities so there is no tendency to get more fat from food intake.

Going to the gym for exercises and weight training will also be a good way to burn fat.  Most gyms would have instructors as guides on what needs to be done on how to lose fat.  Some muscles could be developed in the process.

Use of steroids

Use of steroids should be the last resort if nothing else works.  In using steroids, it is best to consult first a physician.  It is important that the risks of steroid use be known as it can affect internal organs and blood pressure.   Those with liver and hypertensive problems will most likely not be allowed to use steroids because of possible complications.